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About the researcher

Kate Carter has 18 years of podiatry clinical experience, specialising particularly in rheumatology and musculoskeletal conditions. Before moving to Australia in 2016, she worked in Singapore as a senior podiatrist at a tertiary hospital where she established podiatry services within a multidisciplinary rheumatology clinic. In Singapore she was part of the Ministry of Health Clinical Practice Guideline panel for developing local guidelines for rheumatoid arthritis and was awarded best Clinical Practice Improvement Programme in 2015 for increasing referrals to podiatry within the rheumatology clinic. This work translated into 4 publications as well as poster and oral presentations at national and international conferences in rheumatology and clinical innovation.

Kate left Singapore in order to uptake a 3 year full-time PhD Scholarship at Western Sydney University, relocating to Australia to work on a programme of research focusing on foot involvement in people with psoriatic arthritis. She currently works in conjunction with South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) at the Liverpool Hospital Rheumatology Department, an integrated specialist podiatry service at BJC Health private rheumatology clinic in Sydney and she is part of the local allied health organising committee as an early career researcher.

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