Improving foot health

Improving foot health

Psoriatic arthritis foot study

Research Survey

Considerable improvement in the assessment and treatment of foot problems related to psoriatic arthritis is needed and little evidence exists in this area. Keeping people on their feet is important for maintaining a normal daily routine, work, family and social life.

Western Sydney University researchers are seeking your help with new research into foot problems in psoriatic arthritis. With the right management, people with psoriatic arthritis might have the opportunity to minimise disabling foot pain and joint damage and this research will seek to identify what are the important issues.

The study is an online survey to better understand the experiences of people with psoriatic arthritis related foot problems. By helping with this survey, you will be directly influencing the research agenda and raising issues that are important to people with psoriatic arthritis.

Help us to promote your views by completing our survey!

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Please complete the survey

To take part, you should:

 Be aged 18 or over

 Have psoriatic arthritis

 Live in Australia

Filling out the survey will take about 20 minutes.

To be sent a paper copy of the survey (with stamped addressed envelope), please contact Kate Carter at

Survey is now closed

Thank you for your interest. The survey has now closed from Thursday 23rd January 2020.